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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to those important questions!

  • How can I use these mysteries in my classroom?

    That is a fantastic question! There are so many ways of using these mysteries in your classroom, it would be hard to wrap it up in a single answer! Some of the ways teachers have used these mysteries in their classroom include; *teaching lessons on inferencing, critical thinking, team building, using evidence to back up your conclusions. *You might also use these mysteries as a way to break up the day and get students out of their seats. *As a classroom management tool! There is an entire video lesson on that. *And just for fun! *Among others!

  • Which mysteries are included when I sign-up?

    When you sign up for the Monthly Mystery Club, you will immediately have access to the 23 current mysteries as well as any mysteries that have been released since The Monthly Mystery Club started in June of 2021.

  • When are new mysteries released?

    One new mystery will be added each month. The mystery release date is on the 15th of each month.

  • The mysteries are great, but is anything else included in the membership?

    Glad you asked! Not only will you receive access to all the amazing mysteries, but you'll also receive bonus material each month PLUS access to video lessons, a Facebook group to help with questions and ideas, as well as me! I am always available to answer questions and help you implement these mysteries the best way possible!

  • How long does each mystery take?

    The answer to this question largely depends on the mystery itself. Some mysteries can take 45 minutes while others might take 2 hours. This also depends on how deeply invested your students are and how much evidence you'd like your students to collect to back up their theories.

  • Do you take requests?

    Absolutely! Have an idea for a mystery but not sure how to put it on paper? I'd love to hear it! Email me at [email protected] and we can work together!

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Monthly Mystery Club

  • 1

    Start Here!

  • 2

    Graphic Organizers

    • A breakdown of each graphic organizer

    • Inference Sentence Frames Large

    • Inference Sentence Frame Desk Size

    • Important Clues and Red Herrings Graphic Organizer

    • Character Connections Graphic Organizer

    • Sequencing Graphic Organizer

    • Read Between the Lines Graphic Organizer

    • Final Answer Graphic Organizer

    • Mystery Game Discussion Guide

  • 3

    FREE Bonuses

    • Inference Task Cards

    • Inference Detectives Inference Lesson

    • What is Inferencing? Pre-made Lesson

    • Student Led Learning Ideas

    • Guide for Getting to Know your Students

    • A Complete List of Policies and Procedures

    • Detective Dictionary! Learn the words you need to know to be a good detective

  • 5

    Historical Fiction Mysteries

    • The Lost Jewels of the Titanic

    • The Plymouth Colony Fires

    • The Lost Crown Jewels of Ireland

    • The Lost Island of Roanoke

    • The Missing Mona Lisa

  • 6

    Murder Mysteries

    • The Blue Mountain Lodge Murder

    • Murder at the Museum

    • The Mountain View Mansion Murder

    • The Bluestone Castle Mystery

  • 7

    Editable Mysteries

    • The Case of the Missing Muffins Editable

    • The Mystery in the Library Editable

    • The Case of the Missing Muffins Original

    • The Mystery in the Library Original

    • The Book Fair Mystery - Editable, Not Digital

    • The Case of the Missing Principal - Editable, Not Digital

  • 8

    Non-Murder Mysteries

    • The Case of the Missing Diamonds

    • The Kidnapping of a Millionaire

    • Riddles of a Photograph

    • The Case of the Missing Crown

    • The Chest in the Basement

    • The Kidnapping of an Engineer

    • The Virus

    • The Robbery at Wellbourne

    • The Kidnapping of Doctor McBride

    • The Mystery at the Fair

  • 9

    Holiday Mysteries

    • Christmas Mystery - The Toy Shop Thief

    • Halloween Mystery - The Mystery of the Missing Pumpkin Trophy

    • Valentine's Day Mystery Special

    • A St. Patrick's Day Mystery Special

    • A Back to School Mystery Special

    • Thanksgiving - The Case of the Missing Turkey

  • 10

    Sub Plans To-Go!

    • Emergency Sub Plans for Mystery Writing

  • 11

    New Mystery!

    • The Case of the Missing Emerald

  • 12

    New Bonuses!

    • Year Long Reading Comprehension Bundle and Informational Text Task Cards!

  • 13

    New Mystery!

    • Winter Wonderland Escape Room Mystery Game

  • 14

    New Bonuses!

    • Black History Month Resource

  • 15

    New Mystery!

    • The Murder on the Souska River

  • 16

    New Mystery!

    • The Case of the Missing Test

  • 17

    New Bonuses!

    • Informational Text Task Cards!

  • 18

    New Mystery!

    • Murder in the Bayou

  • 19

    New Mystery!

    • The Case of the Paranormal Detective

  • 20


    • UPDATED: Murder at the Museum

    • UPDATED: The Mountain View Mansion Murder

    • UPDATED: The Case of the Missing Muffins

    • UPDATED: The Case of the Mystery Valentine

    • UPDATE: The Murder at Blue Mountain Lodge - DOWNLOAD THE EVIDENCE FILE AS WELL!


    • UPDATE: The Kidnapping of a Millionaire

  • 21


    • The Murder at Park Creek

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